Just A Thought

What is happening? There is so much controversy and chaos in our country today. How has a country who has fought for hundreds of years for freedom now make laws that “we the people” have no voice about? Laws have been passed under our noses in plain view and no one takes any action to stop it. What can we do? How did we let it go this far? how much further will we let it go? There is a lot of information on the internet showing people up in arms, angry, and revealing truths about the injustices. Things are being revealed in America such as murdering babies, using fetuses for skin care, for making vaccines and stem cells etc. all from the DNA of aborted babies. Truth is being revealed about the dangers of vaccines, and there are rumors that the CDC and FDA covering up information. Telling us, that no testing has been or ever will be done on the safety of vaccines, yet it is a law, once more passed under our noses, when our eyes were wide open. A law that mandates us to inject these toxic potions into our babies, not just one time but hundreds of times. Most people say, well it’s science and I trust it, so lets do it. We have political parties coming against each other for blood. The hatred in this country has emerged out of nowhere and no one knows where it came from, or where it will end up. It is as if all the hordes of hell have been released in the land.

There have been hundreds of movies and documentaries on Hitler and the Holocaust, do our young people think these are for entertainment only? For those who know the truth, we can see that it is happening again, but in a different Era and a different Land called America, while were asleep, but, right under our noses. How did 6 million Jews get led into concentration camps, used as lab rats, put into gas chambers to die? How many of their rights got taken away before this atrocity? How many laws got passed under their noses before it got out of control? Gun’s were banned from the people and only the government could carry weapons. Lies and propaganda was spread through the land and the people were divided. Sound familiar? history repeating itself? millions of Americans can see it and are not happy about it, but what will they do about it? There are two opposing platforms screaming at each other and no one is listening. The Rights, the Lefts, The Democrats, The Republicans, The Liberals, The Conservatives, no one cares. What is being accomplished? Who is behind all this Chaos and Confusion? Are we a United States or Divided States?

The Bible talks about all of this in so many passages. Jeremiah gives accounts that happened before Christ, and he describes the Holocaust in detail. Did this happen over and over to God’s people who turned from Him? or was it a only a prophetic description of the Holocaust in Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s? (Jeremiah Chapter 30) So many times through the Old Testament it shows how God allowed the Assyrians to triumph over His people because they rebelled against Him. God promises that if His people who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray, and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways, He will look down from Heaven and forgive their sins and heal their Land. II Chronicles 7:14.

God does not bring destruction on man, He removes His protection when we disobey His laws. Psalm 91 says; Those who abide/live in the shelter/secret hiding place of His shadow, will have His covering of protection. and will be protected from deadly disease’s, arrows, terrors, disasters, even though thousands and tens of thousands fall all around us, this evil will not touch us. Vs. 9 repeats this again, a condition; that if we make Him our refuge, a place of safety, then these plagues will not come near our homes.

There are so many threats from the enemies around us today. Threats of takeover, threats of war, threats of disease and taking away our freedoms etc. Our enemies are not only threatening our Nation but each of us individually. Many people claim we are under the judgement of God, but I see it more as the judgement of the enemy. It is an attack of Satan/the Assyrians. God’s hand of protection has been removed from our Country because of the sin that runs rampant? Killing babies, human sacrifices, child trafficking’s, porn and filth through media and so much more. But what about those who don’t partake in these abominations? Like Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham asked God if He would destroy it even if there is some righteous? If we are a friend of the world, are we not an accomplice to the sin in our country? If we voted for a candidate that thinks killing babies is ok, are we guilty of murder? If my friend murders another person and I witness it but do not say anything or try to stop it, am I not an accomplice? am I not guilty? Would I not need to repent for my sin as well as they would? Has the church stood by and watched babies being murdered? Have we partaken with sin in this country? I believe if we repent, we will be back under the hand of God’s protection in our own lives, even if those around us keep sinning. What if the Lord did not allow the Assyrians to invade and conquer Israel when the people turned from Him and sin got so out of control? What would that look like? If a Parent loves his child he will bring correction. If not, what would that look like? The attacks by the Assyrians/satan caused repentance in the Land, and then God was able to bring back His protective covering and bless His people and their Land once more.