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When buying Silver there are a few things you must know. Not all silver is created equal. What you are getting is actual silver in these solutions. So it must be monitored correctly. Pioneers from out west would put silver coins in their water barrels to keep the water purified. Back before there was pasteurization, people would put a silver coin in their milk jugs to kill bacteria. Have you heard about the “blue man?” A few years back the news media got hold of this story and aired it nation-wide. It caused a lot of fear about using silver. First of all it is the only case ever recorded, Paul Karason revealed his skin turned blue as a side effect of consuming a silver compound for more than 10 years to treat a bad case of dermatitis on his face. He had self-medicated colloidal silver that he made himself by a suspending silver in a liquid base. Silver, which has antibacterial properties, was used to fight infection until the 1930s when penicillin was found to be more effective. The FDA banned it from being used in over-the-counter medicines in 1999 because of its link to argyria, which resulted when the silver would cause a person to turn blue. Another exaggeration of the media to stir up more controversy.

I have been in the Natural Health Industry for over 20 years and used silver for my self and my family as well as recommending it to others. There is some truth to the stories or should I say story we hear across the globe about the man turning blue using silver. If they had done a back-round check on Mr. Karason they might find that his mental health was a bit marred. He even admitted that he would make a strong solution of silver and applied it often to his skin because of dermatitis and a paranoia of germs. So the truth is you can make your own silver and you can over-use it. (you would have to use a lot to turn blue or even different shades of grey).  It has to do with the nanoparticles and the regulations that are followed by the EPA etc. Although the FDA will allow many harmful substances to be put to market with warnings but you will always have those who do dumb things. Silver nitrate is used to this day to prevent blindness from bacteria by dropping it into the eyes of newborns after delivery. Today after much research into the great benefits of using silver, it has led to the development of microscopic-sized silver particles that are less than 100 nanometers (a billionth of a meter) these are called nanoparticles which have strong antibacterial properties, non-toxic, and no side effects. Used for burns and wounds etc. Independent studies show it works against anti-microbial, pathogenic microbes, including Bacillus, anthrax, candida, tuberculosis, urinary, respiratory, skin, soft tissue, bone and joint and gastrointestinal infections, pink eye, sinus infections, bacterial blood infections, MRSA.

I have a personal testimony using it for a 10 year old with MRSA in which the antibiotic after using several rounds failed to work and seemed to aggravate it further. The MRSA cleared up after 2 weeks of ingesting Silver Shield and topically applying the Silver gel to the skin lesions.

At the Healthy Living Center we stock the NSP Silver Shield as well as Silver Gel. which are patented Patent No. 7,135,195. We also have medical grade Nebulizers which we sell strictly for using silver.  A mist is created to breath safely to help with colds, flus and many bronchial problems and sinus infections. This is also safe for children to use.

Silver Shield is not only safe but I recommend that every home should have it on hand  for prevention. As part of their patent, Silver Shield contains a concentration of 20 ppm of pure silver, providing 100 mcg of silver per serving. 18 ppm solvent solution recommended daily dose of 3 teaspoons. Remember: Mr. Karason ingested 16 oz of his homemade solution at 450 ppm  daily for 10 years. He used a solution that was 25 times as concentrated than our Silver. The difference is that Colloidal Silver has a stronger solution where the Solvent Silver is currently only available from 2 companies, NSP being one. Silver Shield is a “Solvent Silver”

Silver Shield comes in 3 sizes 4oz, 16oz and a 32oz family size.4280

Call and order yours today at 716-741-4412

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