How did iridology begin?

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Iris analysis dates back hundreds of years, but the first iris map developed was in the early 1800’s by a doctor named Ignatz von Peszely in Hungary. He is known as the father of iridology. In his childhood it is written that he captured an injured owl in his backyard that had a broken leg. He noticed in one of its eyes that there was a black line but when the leg healed, a white mark appeared where the dark mark was. This incident started a life-long interest and study of iridology. Since then, many scientists, doctors, and health professionals around the world have studied iridology. Iridology is taught in countries all over the world including America, Australia, Germany, and Russia, where even classical medicine has begun to take notice. How can the iris of the eye reflect the condition of our body? The eyes are connected by the nervous system to our brains. Many believe that the brain records information on every physical and psychological event that occurs in our bodies. If the eye is connected to this human computer we call the brain, it is reasonable to hypothesize that colors and marks in the eyes change in response to changes in our bodies. Through my studies I have confirmed these occurrences time and time again. I have also discovered that most of the time there are only blue and brown eye colors. Most other colors are signs in the eyes that point to various health problems. For example green eyes when photographed are actually blue eyes with yellow spots often indicating kidney problems. Many clients are surprised to find that their blue or brown eyes when photographed closely also contain other pigment colors or marks that normally are unable to be detected with just the human eye. There are also what I describe as being several genetic iris constitutions, each with their own set of physical and psychological characteristics. Each person is born with one of these types of genetic iris constitutions and the information from them can reveal health problems that have occurred in childhood, and problems that will occur during adulthood and in old age. In this way, iridology is very useful for prevention of potential dangerous health problems. I often see clients who have visited so many doctors and gone through so many tests and still no one is able to make a solid determination. Through iridology I am able to find the root of most problems and can view the body as a whole. I believe classical medicine, through its specialization, has forgotten to view the body as composed of interrelated systems, each dependent on the other. Iris analysis allows a examination of the condition of organs like the heart, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and systems like the hormonal system and circulatory system. etc. It provides a complete picture of the health status of each individual. While classical medical tests like x-rays, blood tests, cat scans, etc, reveal certain conditions, they are often unable to detect chronic problems of where disease often begins. Iris analysis is a natural, painless, non-invasive method that assists the client in understanding their genetic dispositions as well as their strengths and weaknesses in their body. With their iridology results, they can learn to change some of their bad habits and make some lifestyle changes for the better.

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