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Improve Your Physical and Emotional Health with Our Help

If you often feel under the weather and tired, or have struggled with chronic health issues without any improvement, the Healthy Living Center could be your answer.

Buffalo Area Naturopath, Laura Kokanovich provides Alternative Health Services that can help you get to the root issues that are causing the symptoms you experience that keep you from living the abundant life that you were created to live.

In basic terms, a Naturopath is a teacher of natural means for enhancing health, wellness and longevity.

Naturopathy is not a system of medicine, diagnosis or treatments such as are held by the medical industry, but a lifestyle of practices which builds immunity, improves mental health and enhances body function.

Our belief is that every person has the right to learn of the natural God-given, life-enhancing practices embodied in naturopathy which will help him/her maintain mental, physical and emotional health.

The Healthy Living Center offers training which should first be used by the individual for his/her own personal development after which time they may use to educate others.

Naturopathy embodies philosophies and principles involving pure water, clean air, wholesome food, proper diet and nutrition, exercise, proper living, appropriate rest, right thinking, absence from toxic substances, body ecology, effective management of stress and a number of other natural means which lead to a balanced life.

Only those who agree with this philosophy should visit the Healthy Living Center. We believe that physical health is primarily a reflection of God's universal law of cause and effect. A man reaps what he sows. How we care for our bodies is both a physical and spiritual issue which impacts our health and the health of our offspring.

In cases where health principles have been violated, the only true "cure" is for the body to restore its own protective mechanisms by removing physical and spiritual roadblocks which hinder proper restoration and healing.

Our services and research programs neither diagnose nor prescribe for disease. We do not claim to cure disease. All clients are encouraged to seek competent medical care when those services are needed. Nothing said, done, performed, typed, printed or produced by us is intended or meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat a disease or take the place of a licensed physician.

Our education research program (which includes several services) involve constitutional typing, elimination of harmful lifestyles and habits, and the cultivation of positive mental attitudes. All these modalities are designed solely to enhance physical fitness, mental attitudes and alertness, good nutrition and an appreciation of the environment.

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